Saturday, January 9, 2010

Some new P365 photos

The lonely snow critter sitting out in the yard. Looks like she needs some company.

My sad 'ole rocking chair. Not much porch sitting these days!

The view from the top of Armenia mountain. So pretty. We went in search of the wind turbine farms.

Lucky relaxes after his long drive from south Florida.

My feet in the snow...I got stuck and Charles just waved me away when I yelled for help! You cannot see the tops of my boots here. VERY deep!

The mountain man and his cookie!

On the drive up to the mountain. Poor Johnnie, we thought she was gonna have a break down in the backseat with all the narrow, high, slippery roads we were taking up to the top!

Jeeze-oh-pete but it was cold up on the mountain! Wind chill about -10degrees! It was pretty, but hard to breathe!

The glorious cheese aisle at Wegmans!!

Loading up on holiday scents! Oh boy, but I love Yankee Candle!

Hey! We've both got on red coats! Johnnie thought that Ginger looked stupid in her little coat! Aawww...poor thing, she needs an even bigger coat for these cold days!

Do not want a repeat of last year's Christmas Chihuahua medical scare with Ginger eating food from under the tree. Very smart sister-in-law!

Our neighbor dropped by on Christmas morning and he stayed for breakfast! Poor thing didn't know what he said "yes" to...a southern breakfast with biscuits and sausage (veggie) gravy! Too funny!

Dogs love Christmas too! Chritmas morning with my girls and new 'do!

Free donuts at Eddie's on Christmas Eve!!

Charles walking on the (mostly) frozen pond at the old farmhouse next door.

Ann wins a big, $500 jackpot at Christmas BINGO!!

Christmas gifts waiting to be opened!

One for shoveling snow, the other to make sure we have correct snow are GREAT!

The snowman (AKA Snow Piglet) that Charles and his mom made. Lucky (her dog) kept taking the arms of and chewing them up!

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