Thursday, January 21, 2010

31 Things I Learned in 2009-Day 20

What I learned: IPODS ARE COOL

How I learned it: I am not at all a techno junkie. I do not have to have the latest electronic gadget. Every time I turn in a cell phone they laugh at how "ancient" mine is. So when I "inherited" an IPod from someone who had two, I thought I'd use it for the beach or maybe on an airplane. But NO! I love it and use it whenever I can! I love picking songs to add to my playlist. I love having many different playlists saved on my computer so I can switch 'em out. I loved putting Christmas songs on my IPod and sharing an ear bud with Charles so we could listen in the car. I've even bought a home boom-box thing so I can listen to my IPod music in the house, while I'm scrapbooking! (I think I can buy one of those boom-box things for the car too, right? Gotta look into that.)
I am not a big text-er and one of these days I'm gonna have to get Stacey to explain what an "app" is to me, but for me who believes that life is better with it's own soundtrack, my IPod is perfect!

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