Monday, January 18, 2010

31 Things I learned in 2009...Day 16

What I learned: IF IT ISN'T BROKE, DON'T FIX IT.

How I learned it: I know that this is an old saying and not too much there to "learn", but I was reminded of this as I was packing up all of our stuff from the Tampa house for the move. A natural thought would be to throw stuff away and start fresh, but in today's economy it really isn't a wise thing to spend money for stuff you already own. So I was really very good about this. Plus, I like my stuff. Case in point-my master bath shower curtain. I purchased this maybe about 10 years ago. That seems a pretty long time in the life of a shower curtain. I got it because it had all my favorite colors in it, and that his how I've decorated my bathroom for a decade now, I guess! Colors like olive, dark green, sage, ivory, pumpkin, rust, mustard.... I still LOVE those colors, so I thought that I would just keep my curtain and see if it matched once we got up here, so I packed it. Lo and behold, it matches the wood walls perfectly! The shower curtain is in perfect condition. It is in colors that I love. It matches the new bathroom. I didn't have to part with some of my favorite dollars. I didn't have to add to a landfill. It wasn't broke, so I didn't fix it.

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