Tuesday, January 12, 2010

31 Things I learned in 2009-Day 12


How I learned this: Well, this is one of those things that I had really learned many years ago, but in 2009 that lesson was enforced in a big way. Let's see...where to begin? When I was packing/unpacking boxes while moving I would find little notes written to me on the boxes by Jo that would say things like, "we miss you" or "hello". Before I left, Jill, the owner threw a party for the Doodlers to come to a private class and make a beautiful altered canvas-her treat! When I am in need of scrapbooking supplies, I just make a call and I have a personal shopper and shipper, so I am not without current product! (Heaven forbid!) I get "thinking of you" cards all the time from one or the other Diva, they remembered my birthday and made sure I had a care package complete with Starbucks goodies! Oh! And most importantly, when I said, "Jill, I'm moving 1,200 miles away. Do you think that there is any way I can still keep my job?" Her response was, "Of course! We'll find a way!" Simply amazing! Jill is a blessing as a boss and a revelation as a human. She surrounds herself with a collection of the most amazing women that I not only get to work with, but I am happy to call them friends. Best job ever-WHIM SO DOODLE!

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