Sunday, July 19, 2015

RIP sweet Ginger...

Ginger came to our home as a rescue.
Ginger was tied up to a telephone pole with a note that read, "I have seizures.  Find me a good home."
Ginger found a good home.  One she shared with us for over 11 years.
Ginger suffered from grand mal seizure clusters at least four times a year.  Usually every six hours anywhere from one to twelve days in a row.
Ginger was on three different anti-seizure drugs, twice daily.  One made her forever hungry.
Ginger was well known at both our vets office and the emergency vets.
Ginger got lost from our home in Tampa twice.  Once was the most amazing event I've ever lived through.
Ginger had a number for surgeries.  Two of them were VERY close calls.
Ginger was known by many as "the miracle dog".

Ginger was the sweetest little girl ever.
Ginger loved to sit on her Mommy's lap.  Mommy loved that too.
Ginger would sit with Daddy in an emergency - like if Mommy was busy.

Ginger was the best at helping foster children get through troubled sleep.
Ginger was the best at helping her worried daddy get to sleep.  He just rubbed her belly.
Ginger loved to run, but only for short distances.  
Ginger loved to walk in very tall grass.
Ginger loved moving from room to room to sit in the sun spots.
Ginger loved mommy's home cooked dog food.  VERY much.

Ginger barked only if there was food around.
Ginger loved to play tug of war with her favorite Bill Clinton doll.
Ginger wasn't a fan of snow, but was a trooper when we moved up north.
Ginger could usually be found in any room her mom was in.
Ginger loved sleeping in too-big-for-her dog beds.
Ginger shivered a lot.
Ginger never figured out how to burrow under covers.
Ginger wore sweaters from October to March while living in Pennsylvania.

Ginger started getting sick on a Sunday.  On Monday our vet told us that she had cancer.
Ginger had too many complications with seizures to make surgery or treatment an good option.
                         Ginger left this world sitting on her Mommy's lap.                                          

Ginger's spirit is missed every day.
Ginger's absence can be felt in the house.
Ginger's Mommy and Daddy are heartbroken.

Ginger...We miss you terribly.  Wait for us or find a way back.