Friday, January 1, 2010

31 Things I Learned in 2009-Day 1


How I learned it: Just the other day I was listening to a really funny comedian on Comedy Central and he was doing a bit where he had decided his new motto in life was going to be: "Do what makes the better story." He had some really funny examples but one thing he said really struck me as such a true thing in my life..."I think to myself, "I shouldn't do this. But if I do, I can think of at least eight people to call when I do!" That is SO me. I love to share stories-always have. But you have to DO things that create the really good stories. For example, when Charles suggested we go on a flashlight tour of a bat cave I could have said "eeewwee, gross" and picked a movie instead. But instead, I said, "sure" and I have a great story about walking around in a dark bat cave, I learned the sad plight of these little critters and the white-nosed fungus and I have the photos to document the day. And a great day it was and a GREAT story!!

I think I have known this for quite awhile, but in the adventure that was 2009 for the Peck family, doing what makes for a better story also makes for a better life!

Just thinking of the past and if I had taken the safe choice (or surrounded myself with those kinds of people) I would not have such stories as: "The Berm", "How I Met Randy Travis", "What's in the Restricted Part of a Cruise Ship", "Stacey and the Oversized Bed", "Happy National Scrapbooking Day, Paris Hilton", "Can You Get a Subway Sandwich for Free?" or "Sylvia, Doug and the Brownies".

A big 'ole "yeah" for doing what I shouldn't, but telling all about it when I do!

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  1. how true is that?
    I could have said "get your own ride to wal-mart" or "wait til tomorrow when your AAA kicks back in" but then I would not have the photos and story to tell about this JAP changing a car battery......

    or bringing you TP when u had no wallet, no money and carpeting guys at the house with not as much as a tissue!!

    u sure do make for good story telling :)