Tuesday, January 5, 2010

31 Things I Learned in 2009...Day 4

What I learned: HOW TO KNIT

How I learned it: Well, Miss Barbara is a good knitter. She was doing some knitting around The Doodle and some of the Doodle Divas decided that they wanted to learn how to knit and I jumped on the bandwagon. Miss Barbara, who lives a few blocks from the store was going to host Kristen, Jo, Stacey and myself at her house to a "learn-to-knit" party. Stacey and I were stoked and we went right on over to Joann's and bought the needles that Miss Barbara told us to get and some yarn. Of course, since the class was a few weeks away and we were very excited to start we got on-line once home and started to "self teach" ourselves with on-line videos. I decided to start with a scarf-not too hard. I learned and practiced casting on and the basic stitch. So did Stacey. I had trouble picking it up. Not Stacey. I had to go to Miss Barbara for help. Not Stacey. I finished a Chihuahua sized scarf by the time Stacey had finished a scarf, a hat, a felted wool tote bag, a pot holder with the "yes we can" logo embossed in it and a few knitted critters for the boys. (mumbled under my breath...."overachiever") I have not picked up the needles since being in PA. I have a beautiful fuzzy pink scarf in a tote just waiting for me to finish it. I read on Stacey's blog about all the projects she has mastered. She can do a whole sock in one evening now while I am still only on my third scarf. I think for 2010 I'm gonna have to get a refresher course. Oh! And we never did have that knitting party at Miss Barbara's!

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  1. However, I am still awaiting my matzoh holder for Passover, now approaching 2 holidays later and I am guessing that Dee never got her gloves.....darn that Stacey-overachiever.....