Saturday, January 2, 2010

31 Things I Learned in 2009-Day 2


How I learned it: Simply I learned this by moving to Pennsylvania and watching the sky. Technically I learned this many different ways. The first time it snowed here it was mid October and nobody was ready for it. Least of all me, who was just getting used to all the fall leaves and colors. I was not ready for that to go away. But that first snow was just a "dusting". Lightweight snow that drifted to the ground and didn't want to stay too long 'cause the ground was too warm for it. Next came the afternoon I was unloading groceries and it had just started to rain. As I was walking in I was pelted with these hard, cold "ice drops". I came inside and quickly called Debbie, the office manager at Woodhouse (Charles' office) to find out what was going on. She informed me that it was "sleet"-wet, cold, hard snow, very much like hail. After that I installed a Weather Channel icon to my desktop so that weather news and information was just a click away. Now my computer makes a great noise to alert me to "winter conditions". We missed the blizzard that hit almost every other part of PA, but I watched on TV and learned about hard snow. The kind that dumps 20 or more inches of snow on the ground. Now we have "snow showers" which is plain, old, everyday snow. The kind that comes down fast or slow. Light or hard. Straight down or slant ways. A little or a lot. It is the stuff that blankets the ground (now cold enough so that it won't melt) , that sits on top of frozen lakes and tree branches and that make great snowmen! I'm waiting for the blizzard to hit us as everyone tells me it will. I am sure this Florida girl has more of an education in the snow-falling department coming, but hey, that is what 2010 is for!

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  1. I quickly learned about snow when I lived in New Jersey and not at all sadly, unlearned it just as fast upon moving to FL in 1983. I will re-learn it vicariously thru you and others that live in it. This Jersey girl doesn't miss it ONE bit.