Wednesday, January 6, 2010

31 Things I learned in 2009-Day 6


How I learned it: The hard way! One day my car wouldn't start. Normally that would be an easy fix-call Charles. Well, Charles was living 1,200 miles away and I was going to have to handle this myself. Not having that second person was tricky, but I DO have a ton of friends and one of them just happens to live about 5 minutes from my house and she was not at work. Great joy! More than great she was willing to cart my butt over to WalMart to get the battery and even more willing to get her hands dirty right along with me! We found the owner's manual, read through the instructions a few times, gathered what we thought would be adequate tools and set about to changing the battery. We got the idea of how to do it, but we were lacking a bit of muscle to actually remove one of the screws. Luckily a nice man was visiting the neighbor and he helped us out in that department. Technically, changing a car battery is not too challenging, but for me a total spaz in that department, it not only was a accomplishment, it was one of my most proud-of-myself moments! (Thanks again Jackie!)

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