Monday, January 11, 2010

Remember Family Circus

Do you remember those Family Circus cartoons? Not sure if they are still one of the cartoons that are going strong, haven't read newspaper cartoons in years. But I do remember the ones where the little boy went wandering around the neighborhood and the cartoon showed his path with little trail marks. I was reminded of that yesterday when I was out and about. The fresh snow sitting on the ground is a blank canvas waiting for some critter to walk on. I saw all these little paths in the snow that was made by all kinds of critters. In fact, just outside our bedroom window a big, 'ole rabbit was jumping around. I just thought it was cute...these huge expanses of snow with crisscrossing trails leading to and from the woods. In fact, right now I am looking out my window and just following the edge of the brush are a new set of tracks. So far my favorite tracks have been made by chihuahuas in deep snow. You will see four tiny feet struggling to lift out of the snow with one big belly-drag imprint down the middle!

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