Thursday, April 8, 2010

I don't know from spring...

Florida is almost always green. Green grass, green trees, green bushes... I think there might be a couple of trees that loose their leaves for winter, but with all the other green, it is hard to notice them. Also, grass goes brown when it either doesn't rain or you don't water your lawn. So being in Pennsylvania is starting to teach me all about spring and what changes happen.
Looking back on my photos from my Project Life I noticed that only two weeks ago there was snow on the ground. The snow had officially begun to melt at the beginning of March, but there were a few leftover snow showers waiting. These would happen at night and melt away by the next afternoon, but still...just two weeks ago there was snow on the ground!
I have watched the Canada geese fly over head in huge formations, I have seen the robins start to feed in the yard, I've been chased around the porch by stupid carpenter bees, I've seen groundhogs, chipmunks and squirrels come back into the yard, I've seen evidence of bear activity (thankfully, no bears yet) and heard tons and tons of birds. All evidence that spring has arrived.
Oh! And the grass! WOW. It is as green as it was when we first moved up here in July. Our yard is a vast expanse of grass, so green is good. Green is pretty. But surrounded by all these bare, winter trees it still doesn't feel all that "spring-ey". All the evidence is there, but to me...not quite yet. I am waiting for the leaves.
Right outside my computer room is a tree. Bare for many months now. I noticed the other day that it was covered with tons of tiny pink flowers. I thought, "Wow. I don't remember that tree being a flowering tree." Here is what I learned...Pink flowers turn into green leaves! How cool is that? Today when I went out, all those pink flowers are blowing away and being replaced by green leaves!! Which made me take a good look around and I saw another tree covered in tiny white flowers. My guess is that soon those flowers will be gone and there will be green leaves there instead. Next I looked to the tops of the tree lines and lo and behold there are tons of green leaves starting to come back. It seems to be starting at the tops of the trees and working down. Humm. Pretty cool!
I was worried that all my Florida friends would arrive and we will still look like winter when I was hosting a "spring" themed crop! Well, thanks Nature. You are coming through for me. Oh, and thanks for the lessons!

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