Saturday, May 8, 2010

There's Something About Spring-Day Six

This was the last day of the crop which always starts off feeling sad. Everybody knows we are gonna say good bye today. Stacey and I made these really, really yummy sausage, egg and cheese breakfast "muffins". I got the idea of turning a traditional Bisquick "impossible pie" into a muffin and the croppers were my Guinna pigs! We also served up creamsicle smoothies to go along with the muffins. Creamsicle smoothies are orange juice, orange pieces, vanilla fro yo and ice. You could add protein powder and/or milk if you wanted too. This had to be my favorite breakfast. Easy and yummy!
Immediately after we cleaned up from breakfast I had to start on lunch. I was making a Martha Stewart cupcake recipe and it required whipping cream into stiff peaks and my mixer was me,Stacey and Kim. Well, mostly Stacey. We were making flour less chocolate cupcakes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
Of course I forced more games on everyone, but they got to win some cool prizes, so I didn't feel too bad! What I did feel bad about was some of the PA girls had only been there for Saturday and today was Sunday so that side of the room was kind-of quite. I should have pushed all those tables closer so that the "OG" PA girls were closer to the FL girls. BUT, the FL girls were loud enough that I think it was OK!
It was time for us to all work on our make-n-take. I had made a cute frame that I was calling "earth friendly" 'cause it used some elements from my yard and lots of recycled ideas. I forgot the sticks, so I still owe everybody those sticks! But the frames turned out so cute. I sure hope everyone was happy with them. They learned some new tricks and techniques.
I really didn't have a set ending time, I just knew that #1-there was no supper included so most people would be leaving before supper and #2-Stacey and I were still responsible for clean up, so I didn't want to be there until midnight! We were tuckered out! Kim and Dianne were hosting a cocktail party in their room after it was all over so with the help of some good friends the heavy clean-up was done in no time and the room looked sad and lonely very quickly!
Everyone said their good-byes and I got even more presents! Can you imagine? All weekend long the presents just flowed in! I should do this more often just for the gifts alone! Thank you to each of you for such fun and lovely treats! You spoil me!
Stacey and I scrubbed, moped, wiped down, threw away, closed up, put away, swept...did all that we needed to do from the "close up" list provided by the Annex folks. We were so exhausted that we had to sit on the comfy couches for about 20 minutes before we could go to the After Party!
Boy-oh-boy what a fun After Party though! Kim and Dianne had hit up the BiLo for some great treats and put out a fantastic spread. I personally like the bath-towels-as-table clothes-look! It's all in the details! Oh! And since they couldn't take all their booze home, we had to help them out and lighten their load! It was only right! It was great fun, squeezed into their sitting room, laughing with each other, recalling fun memories and telling stories. I am very happy that my old Florida friends got to hang out with my new Pennsylvania friends. I see that some of them are now even friends on FB...too cool! I love these women and am so happy that they all came up to visit me and crop in the PA wilds! I wanted to pack them all up and take them back to the house with me and not let them fly home...

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