Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A story from Charles

While I am here in sunny Florida, Charles is having to mind all the critters on his own. He usually does a great job, not counting the time he lost Ginger for 2 days! So a few nights ago he called me to share a particularlly funny story about walking the dogs that I thought y'all might enjoy too!

As Charles is driving up the driveway coming home from work, he notices a new dog wandering around the street. He seems friendly, so Charles stops to say "hi". It was a very friendly dog and he pats it for awhile, but with no collar on it, he cannot notify any owner so he says 'bye and drives up to the house. He changes and get the girls ready to go outside and normally we just open the door and walk down the steps for a quick potty. Usually no leashes. This is the time that I have to remind folks that Ginger is our epileptic dog who is medicated heavily every day to keep her seizures at bay, so normal dog behavior is rare to see in Ginger. So, out Charles and the girls go on the porch and they discover that the lost dog is now up on our porch. I guess it followed Charles all the way home! Ginger sees the dog (a very large, Lab-esque dog) and takes off after it. Charles described Ginger as going bezerk! She chases the dog off our porch and half way down the driveway until she conks out and decides to rest in the driveway. Kiwi, seeing that Ginger gave up, runs past Ginger and as Charles says, "finishes off the job" and runs that poor, lost dog down into the street, up the neighbor's yard and into the woods. Charles flies by the "resting" Ginger to try to stop Kiwi from going too far into the woods. He finally finds her and the other dog, appologizes to the dog, scoops Kiwi up and heads back to retrive Ginger. He heads up the driveway and Ginger is not where he left her. He looks around and spots her nearby...chewing on something. He gets closer, calls her name and she turns around with part of a dead bird in her mouth! Gross!!!

So for all of y'all who think that the funny adventures only happen to you go!

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