Wednesday, May 5, 2010

There's Something About Spring Crop-Day Five

Bright and early Saturday morning we all met back up at the Fire Annex. I was pretty excited about Saturday 'cause some of my new, local, scrapbooking friends were due to come and crop. We rush in the front door a little late...sleep was just too good...and once again Stacey brewed the coffee and I got breakfast started. This morning we were having blueberry pancakes and bacon. Stacey had wisely convinced me to get the pre-cooked bacon and what a find that is. All we had to do was put it in a pan and pop it into the oven for a few minutes. I had a big batch of pancakes waiting to grill up as the girls arrived so they would have hot, fresh cakes. And is was very good, 'cause they all came in nice and staggered so I didn't have too many waiting.
Once again we played a few games, got some of the girls working on their 6x6 card set for their make-n-take and gave out prizes. Miss Dianne won the scarf that Stacey knit and she was one happy girl! She wore it the rest of the day and I think the next day too. It was pink, so she was REALLY happy.
After breakfast all of the Florida girls wanted to walk around Wellsboro a bit and see "the sights". We all recommended different places for them to eat and they broke up in smaller groups and took off. They ALL went shopping, that is for sure. One of my favorite stories from their excursions was when Miss Barbara and Julie went into CVS for some cold meds, when checking out Barbara mentioned that they were in town visiting from Florida. Without out missing a beat the lady behind the counter asked, "Oh are you here with the scrapbooking event?" Tee hee! Looks like we were the talk of the town! Love it!
One of the groups took my advice and hit the Wellsboro Diner for lunch. This is the diner that I rave about their pies! I believe that they really enjoyed lunch and the walk around town. The weather was "Chamber of Commerce" weather and tons of trees were blooming with different colors, so LOTS of flower photos were taken. The diner. Flowers at a church. Downtown Wellsboro.

We posed for a group shot and then had an afternoon snack of pretzels and cheesy mustard dip and sherbet floats. Hey! I don't care that they just ate or that we were gonna eat again shortly! I had a feeding schedule that I had to stick to!
More door prizes! Johnny Cash came on the I-pod player and I just had to shake it a bit! (Karen knows what I mean!) More games. Much more cropping. Then supper! This was the first time ever that we did sit down dinner with appetizers too boot! Stacey and I set the tables, put out glasses of water and had all the plates lined up when we called everyone to supper. They sat down and we served them. I loved it! This was the first time that I rented a hall that had real plates, glasses and silver so it was kind-of cool. The yummy supper of Dijon chicken, roasted veggies and twice baked potatoes. Since we had stuffed them silly, we held off on dessert and went back to cropping. I have to tell you that one of my favorite parts of the crop is when I am in the kitchen and I listen to the laughter and fun in the other room. That fills my heart with joy. To me that makes me feel like the event is a success when ladies are chatting and laughing amongst themselves.
Pictionary was pretty popular at this crop. Even though some people had won prizes, they still wanted to play and even asked to play more. At one point in the game when we were deciding who was the next drawer, and since she is just a hoot-and-a-half the whole room started chanting "Barbara! Barbara! Barbara!" This is Miss Barbara drawing the word "fang".
Time to eat again and Stacey and I rolled out a whole mess of dark chocolate fondue with trays of great dippers like brownies, cake, strawberries and these GIANT marshmallows we found at Tops. Holey moley was that dessert yummy! Erin and her treats. The chocolate let us crop a little longer and no one really wanted to leave, but we knew we had to be back here tomorrow for more fun, so we headed out between 12:30pm and 1am. What a spectacular day!

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