Wednesday, February 24, 2010


The boys sang tonight and I liked the boys better than the girls. There seemed to be more to remember. Anywho, I have four (possibly five) boy favorites. #1-Andrew. I do not care what the judges said, I love him. I like his back story...he was raised by two parents who were active into gang culture, he is a stay-at-home dad and most important, he can sing and is very original. Love his voice and he DID nail that "Straight Up" song in Hollywood week. #2-Casey. He is simply adorable. I mean really, really good looking. Honestly. BUT the boy can also sing. At some point he needs to tell them to stop drooling and carrying on so much about how pretty he is! I really liked the song he picked and how he sang it. I actually closed my eyes while he sang so that I wasn't swayed by his looks! (I am funny to me!) #3-Lee. His voice is just plain 'ole cool. Just a couple of odd notes, but I liked him too. #4-Michael. He is one giant teddy bear who happens to rock. I have really liked him from the beginning I just hope he can pick a better song next time. Possible #5-John. Cool, but needs a better song. Will reserved judgement until next time. (Shania can work the phone lines for him tonight!)

Last night I had 2 (possibly 3) girl favorites and tonight there were more boys. I think that the Idol folks got it wrong. It might just be a boy year. So far out of all of them my two top favs are Lilly and Andrew. Gotta go vote!

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