Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hello Muddah Crop Location Shots

Notes from Camp...

Hello ladies,

We'll meet here for our next "Notes from Camp" update! Stacey traveled up to High Springs for me so that she could get some photos of our facility. You see, I had lots of questions and I didn't want to make the Rangers up there crazy with questions like, "Is there an ice cream scoop in the kitchen?" "What are the amps on the cabins?" or "What kind of pathway runs around the loop?" So off went Stacey on my recon mission! She took hundreds of photos and I found out all kinds off good stuff like, "Yes. There are two ice cream scoops including the "heat in your hand" kind!" "20." and "Dirt partially covered in leaves." So I have decided to share a few of the photos with y'all so you can get even more excited about our wonderful trip to the woods! Enjoy!

(Oh! And if you want to play along with the "I like a visual" game take out a piece of paper and a pencil and draw a pretty good sized, classic shape of a peanut, longways on the paper. Think Mr. Peanut laying on his side. At the top of the paper, just a little bit away from Mr. Peanut, draw a long wavy line.)

This is the outside of what is called, "The Dining Hall", but what we call, "The Crop Room". It is HUGE. Stacey found out that as well as having 2 giant fireplaces on either end of the room, they also have two big heaters on the walls. There will not be a problem with keeping warm in the crop room! (If you are playing the game, draw a medium sized square on the top outer ring of the peanut where Mr. Peanut's waist would be. This is the location of the Crop Room.)

These are two photos that made my Lunch Lady's heart sing! A mass of HUGE pots and a dinner bell. *sigh* I will be a jolly cook for y'all!

Let's call this Restroom Facility #2. There is a men's side and a woman's side. They have pottys, showers stalls and a bank of sinks inside. One of the veteran camp croppers has suggested that we put off showering in the morning and do it in the afternoon. That suggestion is greatly appreciated! (For the game, draw a medium sized rectangle on the outer loop of the peanut at the bottom part of his waist-directly across from the Crop Room/Dining Hall. That is Restroom Facility #2)

This is one of the Leader Cabins. The actual cabin name is Highland Hammocks. You can see that you can drive right up to the cabin. Some of them are a little more set back, but you can get pretty close to all of them. (OK, head to the inside of Mr. Peanut's head and draw a small rectangle where his brain would be. That is Highland Hammocks Cabin. Draw another rectangle to the right of Highland Hammocks, still inside the loop. This is The Infirmary, another Leader cabin.)

This is Ranger Dave, the lovely gentleman who gave Stacey and Joe the grand tour. He is walking on one of the paths around the loop. In front of Ranger Dave is another Leader Cabin called Paynes Prarie. These cabins were built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s'. These are such cute and rustic cabins! (Imagine Mr. Peanut's two legs. The right leg would be towards the top of the page and the left towards the bottom. Now draw a medium rectangle, jutting out like his right leg on the outside of the shape. There you have Paynes Praire Cabin.)

These are two of the Scout cabins. I do not know which two, but you can get an idea of what they look like. Some are close together like these two, some are a bit further apart. In fact, one is at the very far end of the loop, set a bit further off in the woods. I do not have anyone bunking there just yet. That might be the "time out cabin" for naughty campers! I just crack myself up! But you can see here also, that you can drive your car close to the cabin if you want. (Our Mr. Peanut will only have a right leg. Sorry dude. I do want you to draw Restroom Facility #1 where you imagine his hip would be. This will be towards the bottom of the page on the outer loop and to the left of Paynes Prarie Cabin. Now put three X's in between Restroom Facility #1 and Paynes Prarie Cabin. Now continuing on the bottom, outer loop make 10 more X's moving along past Restroom Facility #2 and ending up with the last X where Mr. Peanut's head and top hat would be. Those are all the Scout cabins. They do all have cool camp names, but you'll find those out later!) Moving on!

This is a very cute campfire ring. Can't you just imagine all the ghost stories we could tell around it in the evenings? I'll meet y'all there around 10pm! (Head down to Mr. Peanut's guts. Draw a medium rectangle on the inner loop, kind-of where his right hip would be. This will be across and slightly higher up the body from the Restroom Facility #1. This is called the Handcrafts Pavilion. Now, in front of that, still on the inner loop, draw a small circle. That is the Campfire Ring. Remember 10pm!)

This has got to be my favorite building in our camp's campus. It is called the Rec Hall. It has wooden floors, wooden, swing-out windows, wooden rafters and totem poles all along the inner walls. It is just the cutest building and is where we'll be holding classes and maybe something else that is in the works! Very exciting stuff, make sure to watch for those "Notes from Camp" emails! (Pretend that you are walking away from Mr. Peanut's hip and the Handcrafts Pavilion. Over the loop, away from the Dining Hall and towards that wavy line. That wavy line is The Santa Fe River. Draw a medium square between the river and the Dining Hall. That is the Rec Hall.)

And finally on our camp tour this is the view from the Rec Hall. There is a glorious wrap around porch and this is looking off the back and right at the flowing Santa Fe River. This is where you could walk to the 1930's suspension bridge or just sit and soak up the beauty.

I hope that you have enjoyed our little tour. There are still a few things that we didn't see on our tour like the BBQ Pit, the Concession Stand or the spigot. Why Stacey took a photo of a spigot I'll never understand. But, please, let's give three cheers to Stacey for making this tour possible! Hip-hip-hooray! Hip-hip-hooray! Hip-hip-HOORAY!!!


  1. gr-8 tour. hooray to stacey and joe for completing the tour.
    as for the spigot....think inside stacey's head. she is showing you that there is running water and u can bring a hose. right stace?? lol

  2. Love love all the pics!!! Can't wait!!!! Thanks for the photo tour! Thanks Stacey for doing the legwork!