Thursday, March 4, 2010

Project Life photos

I love antiquing. I found these really cool old wooden spools, a set of globe bookends and a mini cocktail shaker!
Charles goes to Elmira to listen to a former Mayor from Texas speak about gas well drilling and the effects on a community. Very interesting...
The tracks on the right are from Charles. The tracks on the left are from a rabbit. And if your compare the two, you will notice as I did that this was a giant, mutant rabbit!!
I get a ladies evening out at a Pampered Chef party. Great fun and got to meet some great new folks!
My official first "Snow Day" off from school. And the second day of the biggest snow storm we've had since I've been up here. We got a total of 17" in our yard!
Charles gets a snow day the next day...except he had to actually work from home.
Flat Stanley arrives! I get to show him all around our fair city. Cannot wait!
I've finally got a photo of the "gruel diet" food. Charles is officially on a diet so he'll eat this stuff that I call gruel for dinner. Chocolate protein powder, peanut butter and soy milk. Tonight he added some nuts.
Tubing down the "slopes" at Sawmills Ski Resort. It was a total blast! We didn't even have to tote the tubes up ourselves. There was a "tube lift" that you hooked onto that drug you and your tube up the hill! It was the best $6 I've spent!

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