Monday, May 9, 2011

Project Life

It sure has been awhile since I've posted any photos here. I guess that working 9 hours a day, 5 days a week has put a dent into my blogging time. But here are some of the latest happenings up here in beautiful Pennsylvania!

The girls at church serve up cupcakes they decorated for the "Games for UU and You" game night.
10 below! This winter sure was mean to this poor Florida girl!
This is a carriage house with above living space that is currently under construction that Charles designed.
My first visit to Starbucks in over 9 months! I am one happy camper.
Charles and I post at the little park near our house. We were exploring it with the Peace Kids. (AKA: The girls in my Sunday School class)
The first of the raised planting beds that Charles built.
The eggs in the play yard "hidden" for the toddlers.
The Peace Kids have a slumber party at Miss Jen's house and we go for a hike in the PA Grand Canyon.
The weather is turning warmer and the kids don't need their coats, so they are all lined up on the fence in the play yard one morning.
My tomato seedlings.
Ginger goes to work with Charles for a few days during one of her seizure bouts.
A little Easter home decor project I did this year.
These are the cute name markers I made for the toddler room.
It is funny to me that I'm up in PA buying Plant City strawberries. This might only be funny to people from Florida!
Serving up Blackberry Cheesecake Tartlets to the girls from Stepping Stones at our monthly training meeting.
The car all packed up for a day of scrapbooking at the library with the Blossburg Girls.
Check out the snow that is piled up on the window sill! Holy crud!!
Kiwi poses near a waterfall that we found on an impromptu hike.
The girls from Stepping Stones head to Cast & Crew to celebrate Miss Karen's birthday.
First bear sighting of 2011 is a doozy! A mama bear with four cubs spend about 3 hours in the yard playing and climbing trees and eating the last of the birdseed.
This picture shows just how close they are to our bedroom window.
This is a charming movie theatre in Blossburg that we've been going to since it's re-opening. It has it's (still operational) popcorn machine from the 30's! Love this place!
I love all the trees when they are budding in Spring.
This cracked me for potting soil in Lowe's Garden Center while pushing my buggy through piles of snow.
Morning Star Farms brings back their wonderful veggie corn dogs!!! This made my year!
Ginger discovers the joys of an electric blanket. She spent many hours curled up on it this winter.

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