Thursday, December 2, 2010

Open apology to the citizens of Mansfield...

Hello Citizens of Mansfield and Surrounding Areas,

Please consider this my official letter of apology. I am sorry to say that yesterday marked my first day of actual snow driving. Yes, I have been up here for over a year but for most of that time when the weather was bad I was usually the passenger, not the driver. Now that I have a job I am forced to learn how to do this, and quick!

-I am sorry to those of you who were stuck behind me yesterday as I drove home on Rt. 15 going 30 miles per hour.
-I am sorry to the dude with the New York licence plate who felt it necessary to pass me and four other cars stuck behind me.
-I am sorry to a few of you coming up behind me yesterday and today on Mainsburg Road. Those turns and dips freak me out and going 15 miles per hour is all I can handle right now!
-I am sorry to anyone who gets stuck behind me and my Vibe anytime between now and when I get comfortable driving in snow and ice. I plan on sticking to my 30 miles per hour for awhile.

In Florida they drilled a lovely little driving motto into our heads that I am adopting while driving in snow...."ARRIVE ALIVE"!!

Hey! I really am a good driver. The State of Florida stamped it on my driver's licence...'Safe Driver'. I am really good at driving at higher speeds in heavy traffic on 6-lane highways. I can drive great in tropical downpours. I can drive a go-kart around the track on two wheels! I've driven in LA and in downtown DC-both of which are terrible to drive in. And the DC driving was with a hangover. Heck! I've even driven a 47' yacht through the Bermuda Triangle. I'm pretty sure that I'll get the hang of snow driving.

So please, if you see me out there, be kind. Don't honk or give me the finger. Don't curse me under your breath or call me names. Don't tail-gate me or flash your high beams at me. Just drive patiently behind me and know that I am adjusting as fast as I can!


  1. I'm with ya, I've never driven in snow..good luck...

  2. Just do what you have been doing, they will adjust. Remember those are the same people that move to Florida to get away from the snow and ice.