Sunday, December 26, 2010

Holiday photos/Project Life

Charles and I lovin' the snow. Well, me a bit more than Charles!
Carol enjoys Christmas dinner.
Charles and Luna catch up on some Internet news by the fire.
Charles marvels at the beauty of the lamp that GL made for him for Christmas. It was made from reclaimed lumber from Woodhouse. It was so beautiful and he cannot wait to put it in his office.
We took the girls with us to the Dickens Festival this year. It is so cute to hear people "ooh" and "aah" when we walk by with little Chihuahuas in dog purses. Of course, Charles is a VERY popular dude and these girls in the horse drawn wagon all had to pet Kiwi.

Chopping down our tree this year...Bird nest in tree that we liked, but we couldn't chop that one down, my manly lumberjack & toting the tree back down the hill with a "tree-wheeler".
I can still manage to open up gifts with two sleeping dogs on my lap.
Luna still gets in a bit of hunting during the winter.
The BIG cash prize that we won in the Chango's Christmas Trivia contest! We got first prize...31 whole dollars!
Cornucopias that the toddlers made when I got to do the craft center one day.
The kid's boots all lined up and ready to go at the preschool.
Charles helps me make cookies for the cookie exchange at church. What a camera ham he is!
The girls visit with Santa at the Mansfield Agway.
Sniff...sniff. Charles broke the Chihuahua night light that I made at one of Corning's glass workshops.
I love it when holiday cards start to arrive.
Getting the wood cut for my raised planting beds. I am already dreaming of spring and when I can work in the earth. Oh joy!
Enjoying a spooky cocktail at a cropping party.
Charles and GL clean the front of the pellet stove in the hopes that it'll blow out more heat.
A cool trick in cleaning my cleaning tablets. Works perfectly!
Picidilly Cafeteria. One of my all-time favorite-est places to eat. Boy howdy! I miss that place!
I LOVE snowmen!
Opening my birthday gifts from Charles. OH! I got some pretty earrings and a GREAT book on homesteading. Smart hubby!
Stone Crab claws. The first of the season. Do I need to say any more than, "YUM"!?
This is evidence that the bears come VERY close to our house. Here you see the vent for the stove in our bedroom and the corner has been pulled up by the bears. We are sure that it is naughty bears 'cause there are claw marks all around it & the window next to it and snot marks on the window screens. YIKES!!
The cute sign for the Cricut Swarm in St. Petersburg. What a fun bunch of gals!! I am so blessed to be part of that group, even if it is mostly in spirit.
Ann fell asleep after Christmas supper and her most excellent son, Alex, snuck this photo. Too funny!!
The remains of an egg toss at Tamara & Lisa's Halloween party.
CRAZY Nico and the cool marble race track that we built.
Miss Gail with the Secret Santa gift I gave her. It is a box with a monthly coupon book for "A Year of Sweet Treats". Darlene, the preschool owner, took us all out for a lovely dinner at Lamb's Creek.
The excellent spread of Indian food at the Mansfield "Presblutherian" church downtown. It was a GREAT & YUMMY fundraiser.
The earrings that I made for "The Village People" while I was at the October Swarm.
A turkey parade in our side/back yard.
Goodies for the kiddiewinkies in the Toddler room from all of us grown ups.

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