Monday, September 27, 2010

Project Life, et al

Just because I have a lot on my "To Do List" these are in totally random order. Don't have the time to put them in consecutive order for 'ya!
Stacey, the boys and I pose at the Pennsylvania Welcome Center. Henry learns how to churn butter at Troy's Heritage Festival. Nico, Ginger and Aunt Cissy rest on one of the walls of a switch back path at Pennsylvania's Grand Canyon. Mansfield is getting a Lowe's! Yippee. It even has a stop light which will make us a "three-stoplight town"! I love "junk-tique" stores and I especially love the one nearest to my house, The Treasure Chest. Nothing is marked which I love because it promotes negotiation. This place is kind-of junkey looking and there are literally holes in the floor that are patched with giant metal sheets riveted down. It is dark and filled to the brim. Heaven! My thoughts on this is when I need something, I'll hit my favorite "stores" before I go for new. I have gotten a $3 crock pot, a $5 bench, a $15 desk and more there. I always use what I buy. Charles always thinks that I've found some real "treasures" and wants me to put them away for the magical day we will re-sell them and become millionaires! Well, today was the very first day that I thought "I have something here" when I came home with this bowl. I saw it on a heap of suitcases and a potty chair. It looked really unique with the feet, and it had a "burned" name in the bottom. Well, I offered $5 and once I came home and looked up the name on the bottom found out that I had actually "picked" a find! The bowl was manufactured between 1920 and 1930 by a company that is now out of business, but was very popular back then. This bowl by my best guess is worth around $55! Not a huge amount, but I like the bowl and contrary to what Charles says, we ARE gonna be using it! Frank and Jackie pose with my "Big Oil Executive" disguise mustache lollipops at the gas well tour & potluck at our house. It's the little things that make me happy. This is a handle that Target puts on the bulky items when you don't want a bag. So cool! Nico and Henry look to Dixie to help guide us out of our "tricky" corn maze. The boys really loved it! Henry on the Tioga Train ride. It was a beautiful day, we had a blast and saw two bald eagles. Fall Still Life with Kitty. (That's a growing and HUGE "Kitten Jack"!!) Getting ready for winter with a great sale at the Agaway. This is a pallet of pellets. Since we are going on a "mostly" pellet-heat winter, we guess-timate that we'll need about 5 pallets! One down... Johnnie says 'bye to Lucky at the little pond next door. My first gift of homemade preserves. (Blueberry Butter) Luna and Matilda will come and go, but Jack waits. He knows that he has it too good in the house. He'll wait at the door, greet us and the other cats, but he'll NEVER go out. Smart dude! Fall decorations look great with the curtains that Linda from Bearly Enough made for the house. Henry & Nico really loved the tour we took of a working dairy farm. We got to go into the milking room, which was NOTHING like what I expected! The smell. The poop trough. The robotic milking machines. The darkness. The one, very happy bull among all the cows. The need for quiet around the cows. Very interesting. Matilda goes on an evening walk with the dogs and us. It is pretty cute 'cause both Matilda and Luna follow us. Nico helps Aunt Cissy around the house. He was working on a special reward from the House Rules Chart. Charles takes the boys across the little lake and teaches them to skip rocks. Pretty cool. I never knew that Charles was such an expert at rock skipping! Niagara Falls was just amazing! Two books that are teaching me loads about homesteading and sustainable living. Nico gets to pick a pumpkin from the patch at the fellowship. On the Sunday that they left, only Nico and I had it in is to go to church. I had a RE class to teach and Nico wanted to a) see what church was about and b) get McDonald's for breakfast! He really was good and loved church! Stacey and me at the Iron Kettle Farm. When we went on the tour of the dairy farm I took a shine to the farmer. He was a really sweet man and when his son hooked up a wagon to a tractor for a ride around the farm, I decided to hang around and chat. Mr. Wolf was kind enough to answer all my questions about his garden AND give me some veggies to take home. He also gave Charles a beer and a mini tour of his workshop. And that is where I spied this beauty! An actual surrey with the fringe on top! I was shocked to see that sitting in the back of his workshop! I think I was way more thrilled with that and his garden than the dairy. Minnie Mae makes friends with GL, a self-purported non-fan of cats! (Who is he kidding?!)

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  1. loved the pictures and the "tour" of your area...what an interesting place to land after growing up in FL with its monotonous weather...