Friday, July 9, 2010

Sleepover Crop Question...

I know this will be kind-of a weird question, but here goes the set up.

Imagine you are coming to the crop with one of your friends. This crop is being held in a Florida State Park. At night there are no street lamps or outdoor lights. Each cabin has it's own lights inside but if you go to and from buildings in the evening, you'll need a light source 'cause it's dark! Each cabin sleeps 8 people in 4 sets of bunk beds. I do not think I'm gonna be so full that I'll need all the top bunks so the average amount of people in each cabin will be 4. SO. If you and one of your friends are traveling together would you prefer to have a cabin for just the two of you, or would you prefer to have another couple of people in there? Ya know? Would it be too creepy being alone in the cabin in the woods while your buddy is still cropping or taking a potty break?

So, the informal poll is this: 2 to a cabin or 4?


  1. 4 is good. No sense in taking any chances. No lights, bears, snakes, lizards, potty run, fresh air run, snack get the picture...

  2. I think that we will want at least 4, because there are 4 maybe 5 friends coming together :) Fun! That is if you still have room, I forgot to send in my registration and am doing it now.

  3. Yes there is still room. Have any of your "peeps" sent in their registrations? I think that I have 2 or 3 totally empty "scout" cabins as of today, so if y'all hurry, you'll have one all to yourselves!! Also, I don't know if you are planning to "pay in full" or make a deposit, but the 2nd payment will be due before the 1st of August, so if you are doing payments, you might as well do the deposit plus the second payment.
    Also, your post says "anonymous"...who is this!!?