Wednesday, September 16, 2015

"Cookie" is here!

The first story I have to share about "Cookie" our current foster is a good (but kind-of long) one.  I think you'll enjoy it though.

My mother-in-law is getting older and is in need of some assisted living care.  This is a recent event for her and needless to say, she is not having an easy transition.  One of the things that has helped to ease her mind about the change is the promise of foster grand children.  Well, she didn't have to wait long.  "Cookie" arrived on Tuesday and very quickly Johnnie was asking if we could get her to a store so she could buy her a "big, fussy doll".  We stopped by her apartment last night for dinner and then she insisted we go to a store for that doll!  The closest store was TJ Max and right inside the door was a display of Halloween decorations and costumes.  We three ladies lost our minds at the beautiful girl's dresses on display.  "Cookie", a huge Frozen fan,  spotted a blue number that had ME drooling.  It was a long, hoop-style skirt with opera gloves, a white "fur" stole and many more extras.  It truly sparkled!  "Cookie" gushed and Johnnie fell hard.  After we tried it on, Johnnie said in a firm voice, "I'm getting this for her."  I am glad she said that, 'cause it was such a perfect dress, that if she didn't get it, I would have.

Now the two of them are walking up to the checkout stand.  "Cookie" leading the way in a very expert fashion holding onto the front of the gown.  She was going slow because she realized that Johnnie needed her to take slower steps.  Johnnie saw that "Cookie" was dragging the bottom of the gown a little, so she picked up the bottom and carried it for her, following close.  I followed at a small distance, and could hear the two of them chatting about princesses and Johnnie explaining that this was how royalty really walked, with a commoner carrying the train of their dress.  As I followed them, I was smiling and giggling at the sheer cuteness of the scene.  But what was even better, was watching the reactions of all the people they passed.  It is easy to say that these two made almost the entire store happier that evening!

And, in case you are wondering, "Cookie" found a "fussy" set of Frozen dolls that also made it home with us courtesy of a recent, spoiling-type of foster grandma!

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