Sunday, September 8, 2013

George the Housewife

The following is taken from a GREAT book that Stacey gave me one year called George the Housewife, published in 1964.

This is taken from the household tips section:

Here are a few facts that bear study by women both married and unmarried.
Four out of ten girls now in high school will go to college.
Nine out of ten girls now in high school or college will work for for a government or in business sometime in their lives.  One out of eight people in the United States now works for city, county, state or the federal government.
Nine out of ten girls in high school or college will marry.
Eight out of ten girls in high school or college will have children.
A woman today married or unmarried has a great choice of work that she can follow.
The higher education a woman has, the less chance there is that her children will drop out of high school or college.
Women marry younger than they used to and usually work until they have their first child.
One in five women with preschool children hold full-time jobs.
Four out of ten women whose children are in school hold full-time jobs.
Six million women past 45 have full-time jobs.  This is a nine times increase in the past twenty years.
Many of these facts prove, beyond any doubt, that if you learn how to do your housework, cooking and washing correctly with the fastest possible methods, you can have time to spare for a full-time or part-time job.

Hey ladies!  Glad for that tip, huh?

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