Thursday, March 3, 2011

I want my mommy...

I don't say that much in my life, but last night I REALLY wanted my mom around. One of the things that my mom was really great at was taking care of sick people and last night, I was REALLY sick!
All that I could think of last night was when I was a little girl and got sick. How my mom would run her thin-fingered, always cool hand, and over my forehead to check for a fever. She would know just the spots to check before she would pull out the thermometer. She would linger a bit, stroking my hair just because that's what you do for sick kids. If I was "potty sick" like I was last night where I spent more time in the potty than resting, my mom would make sure that I was as comfortable as possible. I remember her setting up small, empty garbage cans in the bathroom and by my makeshift bed-which was on the couch near the TV. I also remember her once setting up a cot in the bathroom, so I didn't have far to go. My mom would immediately send my dad out for ginger ale and Charms lollipops. Those two things along with white toast is what I remember her serving me during these times. She would also set up a little table near the couch with water, ginger ale, ice chips and those Charms. She would tuck "Dirty Whiskers" into bed with me and ask if there were any other "friends" I needed. She would let me pick what to watch on TV, and those were the days before remote control, so she would get up and change the channel if I asked. Heaven forbid I even think of cleaning up my own mess in the bathroom. I was always ushered out, put back to bed and my mom would head back to take care of business! I remember that if I also had a fever, not only would I get the over the counter baby aspirin (the med of choice at the time), but she would set up another bed with towels and blankets, lay me on the towels and give me a sponge bath with water and alcohol which is meant to pull the fever out. This seems like such a small thing, but she had lots of extra towels over me and would only take off a towel for the spot she was bathing so that I wouldn't get chilly. After I would get sick, she would get me back to bed and come rub the muscles that she knew would be hurting after throwing up. I know that when some one was sick in the house, it was a family event. Everyone knew about it, knew what was going on. I can still hear my mom, dad and grandma talking in hushed tones in the next room, going over my temperature, how long I'd been sick, what to do, etc. Even my great Aunt A would drive over during the days to sit with me. I loved the four of us "ladies" on a sick day off from school, sitting in the family room watching their "stories" on TV. Sitting all curled up on the couch listening to the three of them talk about the love, lust, betrayal and drama just seemed like I was sitting in on something scandalous and I loved it! Once I got better, my grandma and/or mom would spend the next few days fixing all my favorite suppers! They never asked what my favorites were, they knew and got it right every time.

Boy! There is nothing like a loving and supportive family when you are feelin' poorly, but nothing AT ALL like a mommy!

Now I love my husband to pieces, but at this stuff he is just ill prepared. He asked a few times if there was anything I needed. Picked up ginger ale at CVS when I called to ask for it. BUT, it was the other stuff like turning off the heater in the room I was sleeping in, asking me WHILE I was throwing up if I had eaten dinner and letting me clean the bathroom myself that got me to wishing for those good 'ole days!

So, I'll say it again...I want my mommy!!

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  1. Oh, I'm so sorry you're not feeling well. When I miss my mom and I'm feeling under the weather, I grease myself up with Vicks Vapo-Rub and it's almost like she's here - nothing like that smell to transport me back to being a kid.
    Get better soon!
    Love ya - Dianne