Monday, November 22, 2010

Let's grant some holiday wishes!

Wanna do something good over the holidays for some kids who will really need the help? Read on!

Most of you know that I have a big soft spot for children in the foster care system and do what I can to help raise money for one of my favorite charities, Kid's Charity of Tampa Bay. Through my great friends at Whim So Doodle we have participated in luggage drives, school supply drives and help to make the Kid's Krop a grand success in raising all kinds of crazy money for A Kid's Place, a special and unique foster facility in Brandon, FL. Well, this year our goal is to try to grant some holiday wishes of some of the kids who have "aged out" of the system. These are the 18-22 year old young adults who have spent a great deal of time in the foster care system and once they reach age 18, they are sent off into the world with little assistance. Can you imagine not having parents in your life to borrow money from, get advice from, borrow their car, go to in times of trouble...just basic "get through these first years on your own" kind of things? And I'm sure it is especially rough at this time of year to have no one to spend the holidays with or get a gift from? It just makes my heart break.

Some of these kids have asked for the basic stuff like iPods & Docking Stations, Digital Cameras, Jewelry, Bath & Body Sets, CD's, Games, Sports Clothing & Equipment, etc. But some have asked for life essentials like Bedding, Home Goods, Towels and Cleaning Supplies. If you would like to help in any way that you can, there are many options!
1-You can go directly to the Kid's Charity website and donate by using a major credit card.
2-You can purchase a gift card and send to Kid's Charity at the address listed on their website. Please mark it for the age group listed and put it to the attention of Head Elf, Nanci March.
3-You can pick up your items and if you are in the Tampa Bay area, you can drop them off at Whim So Doodle located in downtown St. Petersburg.
4-You can order items on-line and have them shipped directly to Whim So Doodle or to Kid's Charity at either addresses listed on their websites.

The Kid's Charity is a beloved and trusted charity that is VERY dear to my heart!! Whatever is donated to them goes directly to the kids. It doesn't pass go. It doesn't collect $200. It goes directly to the kids, who deserve in every way possible the love and caring we can show them!

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