Saturday, December 5, 2009

What a great day!

Today was the Dickens's Festival down Main Street in Wellsboro. Down the middle of Main Street they have Victorian gas-lit street lamps and they decorate the whole thing with tons of Christmas stuff! There are craft and food vendors lining both sides of the street, down side streets and in church basements and all the participants are dressed in Victorian period clothing. There are carol singers, street performers, a peace parade and a tree lighting ceremony in the park. It was just a wonderful day made all the more magic by snow fall. The snow started just before we left the house and we both made sure to dress warm. I wore long johns and against my hubby's judgement I didn't wear my big 'ole snow boots. I wore my extremely comfortable, but low rise Weatherlys. (They were just fine!) I am glad that I had on a hat and gloves grabbed at the last minute! We took Kiwi, but left Ginger at home since she would have hated the cold and snow and she is in another bout with her seizures. Kiwi loved it and it was so funny to see everyone's reactions to her in her dog purse!
Afterwards we came home and got Charles' car and went to Sam's to get snow tires for his car. Yippee! He felt tons better after that was done. When we came home I took a few pics of the outside decorations. It all looks so pretty!
Hope everyone is having a good holiday season so far...I know that I sure am!

A wonderful Victorian Santa.

A view down Main Street.

I leave to go get us some coffee and come back to a gaggle of women huddled around Charles. OK, they were really huddled around Kiwi, but still...!

A cute couple walking about.

Carol singers outside of the Arcadia theatre.

A Victorian, gas-lit lamp post.

Transportation around town for the day.

Decorations on the front porch.

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  1. hey Jen
    That look lovely. I wish I could show the kids snow soon. Maybe Next year. I am sorry I didn't get to see you when you were down here. Please email me...I lost your PA address and I am doing Christmas